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BCA Compliant

We supply certified BCA compliant Green Building Products, consultancy services and training.

Multi award winning

Buildings with our product have won the HIA National GreenSmart Award, Paul Dass Memorial Award & Master Builders Award for Energy Efficiency.

100+ Australian buildings

We are the market leader with the only Hempcrete building product used in over 100 Australian builds.

Designed for Australian conditions

We have the only Hempcrete product specifically designed to withstand Australia's extreme climate.

Australian made & owned

We supply the only 100% Australian owned and made Hempcrete building product.

More than a company

The Australian Hemp Masonry Company have been leaders in the Australian hemp construction industry since 1999. Our building materials are certified BCA compliant Green Building Products and we supply Training for Builders and Designers as well as Project Consultancy Services.

AHMC works closely with regional farmers and processors in NSW and in other states to support the strengthening Australian hemp industry. We believe it is critical to support the Australian farming sector including small to medium scale farmers to enable a smooth transition from a fossil fuel to a carbon-based economy.


We have a commitment to:

  • Work effectively with the broader community including global transition groups and Indigenous communities who are looking for sustainable housing solutions.
  • Contribute to the diversity and climate resilience of the Australian farming and construction industries
  • Support carbon abatement through regional farming and processing of high biomass fibre crops.
Byron beachhouse bedroom

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What are people saying?

Simon - Owner

Simon - Owner

Sanctuary Magazine

“It’s important people see that building a sustainable house doesn’t have to cost stupid amounts of money.... The temperature stability is amazing – it makes the house liveable and it’s changed the way we live here. It’s just magical to be in the dining and living area.”

Michael - Owner

Michael - Owner

Natural Artisan Magazine

"We looked at different walls systems and then considered the breathable broadwall system and realised that was the key to living with humidity and preventing mould growth."

Angela Knock - Architect

Angela Knock - Architect

ABC News

"What makes hemp really unique is that it offers thermal mass and insulation in the one construction material," she said. For Canberra's climate, where we have really cold winters and really hot summers, we need both of those things. Hemp ticks all the boxes."

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Phone: 0422 750 612

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