We had a number of great Hemp Building Workshops throughout 2018 in Sydney, Northern NSW and Victoria.

AHMC weekend workshops are for Builders, Owner Builders, Architects and Building Designers and cover all aspects of working with hempcrete in the building industry.

The main focus  is on new residential construction and retrofitting to improve energy efficiency or acoustics. However use in commercial construction and restoration work (where the material excels because of its capacity to manage moisture well) will also be  covered briefly.  Critical design details are discussed. 

Our workshops are delivered by experienced Hemp Builders. Over the past 3 years AHMC has supplied materials and worked with hemp builders and designers and with owner builders, on residential construction projects and  in multiple Australian climate zones. Our workshops share this experience.

The workshops are hands on because learning to mix the Hemp lime material well is critical, as is having an understanding of the options for formwork; the requirements for framing; the techniques for installing to ensure that the outcome is both beautiful and provides optimal thermal and acoustic performance;  understanding how to manage the curing process and knowing about optional finishes.

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