The formwork can be removed from a cast hemp masonry wall the following day. It should be removed by sliding the sheets slightly sideways. Formwork should be removed at this time in order to allow drying and carbonation to commence.


Once the framing is completed either 600mm high internal and external formwork or shuttering is attached to the frame around the base of the house, or one side of the wall can be fully formed up. (This should only be done where the build is continuous and the formwork will be removed within a few days.)

In this case, one side is fully formed up and 600mm sheets are attached to the other side.  Additional 600mm sheets are added as needed. The depth of the wall is achieved by attaching the formwork at equal distances from the frame, so the frame is encased in the wall. Either temporary or semi-permanent spacers can be used to achieve this.

Permanent shuttering using a sheeting board can also be used to form the final finish of a wall. The sheeting board should be of a breathable, vapour permeable material. The use of particleboards and plywood is not recommended for this purpose as they are not technically breathable. Depending on the materials being used and where permanent sheeting is installed, a cavity is recommended to ensure breathability.