For quotes on roofing and subfloor insulation products please contact us to discuss your design so we can respond with information that reflects the requirements for your specific climate or state building regulations.

Please note: This quote estimator is only indicative and it is worthwhile discussing your project with us. It assumes that you have accurately deducted for window openings and doors and also assumes that you will be rendering your walls on both sides. Some elements of your design can affect how much material you will need. A little more walling material is needed if you are wanting some off-form feature walls internally for example. Also while a 10mm render is required externally, depending on the consistency of finish you achieve, where you are rendering internally 6mm of render can be adequate. So please let us know in the comments section below if you need more information from us to be able to establish detailed, accurate project specific pricing.

If you are planning on building in the next 6 months and require an accurate quote for delivery, we outsource this and we will need the details of the delivery address including information about your site access and whether you will require a tailgate delivery, or if you have a forklift onsite for unloading.


Estimator for AHMC Binder, Hemp-lime Render and Australian Hemp for walling