Local builder James Isaacs says building homes out of hemp is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways.  of doing so, after starting construction on his first hemp house. Mr Isaacs runs the Belubula Hemp Homes construction business, and is currently working on a house made out of hemp on The Escort Way in between Cudal and Eugowra.

“Hemp is carbon neutral. It breathes in carbon dioxide similarly to how trees do, plus it’s good for surrounding soils,” he
said. “It has good acoustic and thermal insulation as well, and saves the home owner in the long run as they will not need to use their heater or air conditioner as often.” A house made from hemp is still built with a timber frame, and the hemp mixture sits outside of it.
The mixture is made from hemp herd and lime binder, and is coated on the outside with a lime render that protects it from the elements.

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